Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Haha- another post about cleaning

So I've been unpacking and sorting our stuff everyday for the past year and a half- I finally feel like I'm making some progress- not that I haven't been but I've not seen a lot of evidence of it.

(side note- the pictures i'm using in here reflect more of my feeling towards the project in general- also how I felt this morning when first started on all of this)

SO my update on this ongoing saga of chores...

I can call the kids room officially done.  All of their toys have a place; the furniture is arranged in a very efficient and functional fashion- and most importantly the kids like they way the room looks and feels. :)

Our 'master' bedroom is officially done- David's office is integrated into the room in such a way that he has space and it feels office-ish- while the rest of the bedroom feels like a bedroom.  I feel like this is a HUGE accomplishment for that room since it's just a little over 100 square feet.  Also have the bed set up so I can put storage containers underneath it... although I'm going to need to do some repairs to the bed frame.  (more on that later)  And also found another storage spot behind the door- which allows the door to open comfortably while stacking a few plastic bins behind it.

Bathroom... I think it's done- I've thought this before- but I think the set up of shelves and mobile towel racks in a way that best utilizes the space without shrinking the room much smaller than it is.

The last two- the living room is pretty much done but needs to be better cleaned and the kitchen is in a similar fashion- though right now I need to integrate a dinning area into it.  (The kitchen serves as kitchen and laundry room- so what is one more function?)

That is the truth of most of the rooms actually- I try to make the little apartment sound bigger by giving each area (some as small as 20 square feet) big pompous sounding names.  It makes me happy :D

Then there is my office... Which is WAY better than it used to be... but still kind of a terrifying mess of boxes and... stuff...

I'm really hoping I can have all of this done by the end of February :)  I've been using every Tuesday as a big cleaning day- not really intentionally; but it has just worked out that Tuesday's are a really good day for deep cleaning.

Well that is it for today- I know not really an exciting post; but it's a little slice of my life- which is really what this blog is all about.