Saturday, May 31, 2014

arg... yup- another post about unpacking

Ok so- one thing led to another... and instead of my original 2 rooms being torn apart, cleaned and organized.... Now 5/6 rooms (6/7 if you count the hallway) are torn up as opposed to just 2.

I SO don't want to talk about it...

This is what my home feels like right now:

Only not solved and more pieces... like a lot more.

The good news is this: Even though today I feel like I've made negative progress- I've actually done a lot.  I have all the furniture set up in the rooms it is staying in and have separated out the few pieces of furniture we're getting rid of or putting in the storage unit.  So success!! Also- each room- while still full of boxes; is full of boxes that have stuff that goes in the room.  (The boxes in the bathroom have bathroom things instead of a mix of bathroom, living room and kitchen things.)

Assuming my kids settle down soon I fully plan on taking the rest of the night away from this horrible mess and going out with my husband. We'll see how that goes.  It's our daughters first night in a big girl bed.... so we kinda want her to fall asleep before we leave them with grandma.


Friday, May 30, 2014

more moving in and cleaning...

goal  [gohl]  
1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
2. the terminal point in a race.
3. a pole, line, or other marker by which such a point is indicated.
4. an area, basket, cage, or other object or structure toward or into which players of various games attempt to throw, carry, kick, hit, or drive a ball, puck, etc., to score a point or points.
5. the act of throwing, carrying, kicking, driving, etc., a ball or puck into such an area or object.

I'm sure by now anyone reading this is like 'doesn't she have something better to post about/when is she going to get done???'

Imagine if you will a home where instead of packing nicely and moving casually- you dump everything into boxes haphazardly and throw them on a truck then dump them into your new place; and instead of unpacking you grab a box- rip open whatever side is closest to you at the moment to peak inside to see if what you need is inside.  Then at some point throw all of those boxes into a big room and do homework for 40+ hours a week.  I've expressed this before as a 'panic move'.  I don't mean to be redundant- and this paragraph is more to remind me WHY this chore has been so enormous.

The good news: I've gotten a lot done.  I've emptied and sorted several boxes and have moved several large pieces of furniture.  The apartment looks a LOT better.

The bad news:  I have re-filled each room of my home with boxes.  This is because I've had to resort to sorting generally (kitchen, kids, my office, husband's office, bathroom. what is this?, trash, and why do we own this/do we need to keep it, stuff that should've gone into storage)

obviously some of those categories will be easy to sort through.  (toss in trash, donate, storage) Other things; while still easy will take more time (everything besides husband's office pile); husband's office pile will be given to him- and he can figure out what to do with it.
I don't know about you- but this is NOT
even close to a reflection of my life.

So- when I sat down to type this up tonight I decided to find a different picture for cleaning.  Since I think I've used Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle maybe 10 times now.

The first thing I noticed when I started searching for new images was that most of them showed these incredibly happy women doing chores.

Most of the pictures I found were really poorly drawn insanely watermarked clip art- and since I've no interest in paying someone to post a un-realistic portrayal of a woman cleaning that I could draw while half asleep- I kept searching until I found the one to the right here.

this is more how I feel
I actually love 'vintage' art depicting ridiculously happy women from the 1950s-ish doing housework.  It just makes me laugh for whatever reason.  Any way- back on point.  SO there are TONS of these silly cartoons showing very happy women (and a monopoly man on one- seriously just Google 'cleaning cartoons' it'll come up).  I got a little frustrated- not because I don't understand WHY these exist (who is going to advertise anything with grumpy people; I mean come on!) but I did want to find at least one picture with a semi-realistic response.  Luckily I didn't have to look to far.

Now this image makes me giggle a lot.  Mostly because it strays from the normal thing that you see when looking up 'woman cleaning'

I hate cleaning.  I'm not fond of sweeping, dusting is awful 'cause I have to wrap my face like a mummy so I don't sneeze (have to dust to prevent worse reactions though), washing dishes makes me want to scream, folding laundry hurts my back, straightening up a room bores me to tears.  Oddly enough I do like cleaning floors- now that I'm thinking of it- scrubbing floors (down on hands and knees) and vacuuming I find pleasant, in their own way.  Don't get me wrong though- I still avoid both; I seem to ALWAYS have something else to do to avoid cleaning.  So when I decided May 1 I was going to start deep cleaning and unpacking my home I kind of felt like this:

I had no idea where to start
So every day I tried to a little something here and a little something here.  Until May 7th when I very much felt like this:
if I have to clean one more second- someone will die

It's a shame really- I could've been so much more productive.  I also didn't have a vision for what the apartment was going to look like- I just knew I needed to clean and unpack.

Not having a plan initially is what let me to drag my feet.  I didn't know WHAT I was going to do with anything I just knew I had to do something with it.  SO I really got lazy and at some point just avoided the mess- and did everything I could not to even look at it.

Then I finally started to work out in my mind where everything was going.

That is when this happened:

not joy- this is insanity
It was nice 'cause I now have a goal in mind for how everything will look at the end of all of this. So I set a date to get it all done by.  I know I will not get everything accomplished by tomorrow night- no matter how much I want to; it is just not possible.  However- I will complete the goal of having an unpacked and a clean house- it just might take until Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will have a home that is functional by tomorrow night.  I'll be able to use my office and we'll all be able to use the living room.  Ultimately I am happy I put the time restraint on myself these past few days.

Also it's been nice to WORK.

I still hate cleaning.  And organizing. And unpacking.  But I like working. I like feeling that what I'm doing has a positive end goal.  I also like the way your whole body feels when you're doing something physical and worthwhile.  It's a refreshing kind of exhaustion.  If that makes any sense.

I look forward to having my home clean- clean homes feel so much more peaceful than messy ones.  (I'm not talking cluttered- I'm talking: you cannot move from one room to the next because of the amount of stuff in your way.)  I know out there are messy people who will disagree with me- vehemently.  I also doubt they read this; but if they do- if you are one of them understand this:  I hate cleaning. I'm a messy person by nature, trash and clutter seem to collect around me through no fault of my own.  BUT despite this part of my nature I know that I function better when things are cleaner.  I'm happier- my depression, while still hard to cope with, is more manageable somehow.  I can create and focus on the things I'm creating better when the clutter around me only relates to the project I'm working on. (though once I'm focused you could empty the contents of every room in the house into my office and I'd probably ignore it, but I still need to have the cleaner atmosphere going into the project.)

I'm probably overly defensive about this- but I've been attacked before by saying I can create better if I have a clean area going into a project.  It is how I function- and other people function differently.

This mini-rant is off topic a little bit; but meh- I think I'll leave it in.

ANYWAY- I'm still working on getting us moved in.  My adjusted goal date is Tuesday the 3rd of June.  I think I can achieve that.

I'll try to post about something else tomorrow (like a movie to book comparison for Divergent!)

Night all!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

2 more days

I spent the rest of last night in the living room- which I now feel I can refer to as a living room.  After closing it off from the kitchen using the book shelves and our mobile pantry (back to back facing appropriate rooms) it really brought the room together.  Before it felt like a blob that happened to connect to the hall and the kitchen- now a room.  I'm being redundant but I've gotten very little sleep the last few nights.
ANYWAY- so in order to move the pantry I had to empty it.  I was suddenly faced with how badly food had been stuffed in there- on top of that we had several things that we'd purchased multiple times (most of which were not open thankfully) because we couldn't remember that we already had some in stock.  So I'm sure you can figure out how I spent my day today...



SO since I didn't take any before pictures I'm not going to bother sharing any of the after pictures- suffice it to say; it looks WAY better than it did before.  I still have some more things to put away- but I am nearly done with that room.  After putting the kids to bed tonight I'm going to get back in there and finish it up so I don't have to think about it anymore.

This naturally has thrown off my whole schedule.  SO now I have 2 days to finish 2 rooms.  This would be fine and dandy except that I originally planned on 3 (and easily have enough work to fill up that amount of time).  It's also going to be more difficult because the  last two days of the month are a Friday and a Saturday- and while, no, I do not have any plans... at least not any exciting ones; I tend to do all my shopping errands those two days.  I'm awesome so I'm going to make all of this work, but we'll see how it goes.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Still Cleaning

I found a new Sophie picture to use!!

Once again I pretty much posted this update on my other blog so go read it if you are interested.  I feel like we've made a lot of progress today!! Which makes me happy :D (naturally).

I don't really have a whole bunch more to say- but if I stay on task I should be able to finish by tomorrow night- which leaves me Friday and Saturday to get the skeleton of my website done.  :D


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Still unpacking

yea- using this one again.  It just works so well.
I think this should be put on my list of hobbies at  this point.  We've moved enough over the past few years.  Ok so I'm not going to go into as much detail as I did on my other blog post.  (Over on my art blog 'Alicia Hawks Art:Alicia- Where have you been??') but I've been lazy about blogging because of the massive unpacking.  It has been really tough cleaning our apartment and figuring out where everything goes.  I'm not sure why it is so hard for me to put things away; but it is.  I'm sure there are others out there that are amazing at organization and can just walk into a room full of boxes and suddenly have everything put in perfect position where they know where everything is and nothing is hard to get at.  I do not have that ability.  At least not right now.  It hasn't helped that many of our boxes had stuff packed into them that belonged in several very different rooms.  That is what happens when you move quickly- multiple times.  It's ok though- I'm going to have it all sorted out before to long. Like this Saturday.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Post for today

Mostly doing this so I don't fall even FARTHER behind.  I don't  have time to blog until after my children are in bed- and my son has developed a new bedtime habit of popping out of his room every 5 minutes and softly whining at me.  The plus side is I'm getting a little bit of a work out jumping out of my chair and directing him to his bed- the minus side is that by the time it reaches 9:30 I'm about ready to pull my hair out. (his bed time is 8:00)  I would put him to bed later BUT he needs to go to sleep at no later than 8; he just functions better the next day when he actually goes to bed.  So here I am writing as quickly as possible to get a post done, saying practically nothing other than- I love my son; but wish there was a way to keep him in bed when I put him to bed :P


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hanging with the kids

I love summer.  Well; actually I hate summer- but I love the time I have to do things- assuming I have the energy.  Yesterday was a medium energy day so the kids and I dug out their old cardboard play house that we got 2 years ago on Christmas.  It is definitely on it's last legs- so we set it up in the yard and broke out the crayons so they could play with it.  It was actually a lot of fun.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures I took them with my phone instead of my camera... but they are still cute.

That is all I have to say today :D

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Selling myself short plus a few summer goals

I mentioned briefly on the first post and somewhere in a description on this page that I have multiple blogs.  Now since starting this blog I've still been posting on my art blog and later today will start posting on my 'busy mommy weightloss' blog.  Today marks the 134th day of the year and if you look at this blog you will see that I only have 83 posts.  Which means I'm 51 behind.  Wow- that is a lot.  Now I intend to make them up this summer- It'll be a slow process; but worth it I think.  If you add in the posts from my art blog then I'm suddenly only 21 posts behind.  BUT I'm not going to do that; I'm going to strive for the 365 posts on a single blog.  IF I decide to do a 365 challenge involving blog posts again next year- I'm going to spread it out among all my blogs.  I don't think I'll do a blog post challenge next year though.... This has been so much more rough than I was expecting.

So I set up my blogs on Google+; not 100% sure how I feel about that move yet- but it seemed like a good one to make.  I'll be adding Google+ gadgets to my blogs so it'll be easier for people to follow me.  If people want to that is.

Also- I'm looking for other month long challenges like the A to Z challenge to participate in- not necessarily on this blog; but I had a great deal of fun with the challenge on my art blog (there should be a link to that on this page).

Alright my goals for this summer.  (how's that for an abrupt change of though??)

#1- Lose some weight!!
My minimum goal is 3lbs a week- which amounts to 45lbs off for this summer.  I would be thrilled if I could accomplish that.  I'm going to post more about that on my weight loss blog later today (after I take some awesome selfies showing my 'before' body)

#2- Become a better artist/get BFA portfolio application together/Get ready for Comic Con this fall
Again- I have a bit more of a detailed post about this on my art blog- I'm not going to repeat to much of that here- but I'm going to be drawing for at least 5 hours a day for the rest of the summer.

#3- Get my home clean and keep it that way
I want to establish some routines that don't take a huge amount of time every day but allow me to keep our home clean so that it'll feel better in general; but also to help reduce the stress in our lives (oh!; there is a blog post- 'cleaning and stress')

#4- Get in the habit of preparing homemade meals
Frankly we've been eating out and getting pre-made meals from the grocery store a lot.  Not only has this been unhealthy BUT we also are wasting a lot of money that we don't have on food.  I've started on this goal- and will expand in another post.

#5- Write in my journal daily
Don't need to expound on this one

#6- Cross-stitch and play my Clarinet daily
This may seem silly- but I need to do something relaxing that isn't related to drawing and painting; as much as I enjoy my chosen field I really really really need to start exploring some other hobbies to help relieve stress

#7- be happy
I tend to get really really dramatic and depressed- so I'm making it a goal to focus on happier things and find something to laugh about each day.

#8- Walk or hike with kids daily

#9- Read 20 minutes daily with kids
And also turn the TV off more.  Not that my kids are total TV junkies- but we do have it on to much; it's sadly become a pretty regular part of their day.

#10- Read by myself at least 20 minutes each day

Those are my goals.  As long as I refer back to them often I think I can achieve them.  I'm pretty excited about this summer- I think it'll be pretty awesome.


Thursday, May 8, 2014


kinda sums up how I feel
pretty much all of the time
So I kind of fell off the earth last month.  I've managed to climb back on- but it has been a serious climb.

I'm so embarrassed about how badly I've done with my 365 challenge- BUT I'm going to attempt to make it up this summer by doing 2 posts a day (a current post with an older one dated for an appropriate fill in date).

Ok- so finals went well- as well as they ever can for me; and while I cannot boast a 4.0 or being close to graduating like many of my face book friends I can say this:  I'm SO much better than I was when I started- and I'll be even better when I finally graduate.  And I'm TOTALLY walking at my graduation- I deserve some recognition for the effort, blood, sweat, tears, weeks without sleep, the last minute moves and various other things I've had to sacrifice to be in school.

So after I finished with finals last week I hung out with my kids and slept for 2 days.  Then last Thursday I started to clean my little home.  Let me tell you- that has been a pain.  I mentioned this on my art blog- but I'm going to go ahead and repeat it because I have a slightly different audience for each blog- but if this is a repeat; I'm sorry.  We moved, as many people are aware, in a chaotic last minute panic last October- and I've not had a chance to unpack much- so we've been living half out of boxes for the past few months.  Much of that has changed in this last week- I've gotten all the major rooms cleaned up and now just need to catch up on laundry (as I always do) and unpack the pile of boxes that is the living room.   I'm trying to get it all put away by tomorrow night.  It is a bit of an ambitious goal, but Monday I have to start working again.  (In the non traditional free lance way that I do) I want the house completely clean before then so I can have an easier time maintaining a clean home when life is busy.  We'll see how it goes.

Ok so- I just really wanted to check in.  Not much more to say beyond- see ya later.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

May is....

Month long:
Date Your Mate Month
Foster Care Month
National BBQ Month
National Bike Month
National Blood Pressure Month
National Hamburger Month
National Photograph Month
National Salad Month
Older Americans Month


May Day
Loyalty Day
Mother Goose Day
Save the Rhino Day
Baby Day
Brothers and Sisters Day
International Tuba Day
Space Day
Lumpy Rug Day
World Press Freedom Day

Week 1  Nurse's Week
Bird Day
National Candied Orange Peel Day
Renewal Day
Star Wars Day
Cinco de Mayo
National Hoagie Day
Oyster Day
Beverage Day
National Tourist Appreciation Day
National Nurses Day
National Teachers Day
No Diet Day
School Nurses Day
National Tourism Day
Iris Day
No Socks Day
V-E Day
World Red Cross Day/ World Red Crescent Day
Lost Sock Memorial Day
Military Spouses Day
Birth Mother's Day
Clean up Your Room Day
International Migratory Bird Day
National Train Day

Week 2 Wildflower Week
Eat What You Want Day
Mother's Day
Twilight Zone Day
Fatigue Syndrome Day
International Nurses Day
Limerick Day
Frog Jumping Day
Leprechaun Day
Dance Like a Chicken Day
National Receptionist Day
National Chocolate Chip Day
Police Officer's Memorial Day
Love a Tree Day
National Bike to Work Day
National Sea Monkey Day
Wear Purple for Peace Day
Armed Forces Day
Pack Rat Day

Week 3
National Bike Week
National Police Week
International Museum Day
No Dirty Dishes Day
Visit Your Relatives Day
Boy's Club Day
Be a Millionaire Day
Pick Strawberries Day
National Memo Day
National Waiters and Waitresses Day
Buy a Musical Instrument Day
Lucky Penny Day
International Jazz Day
National Escargot Day

Week 4
Emergency Medical Services Week
National Missing Children's Day
Tap Dance Day
Memorial Day
Sally Ride Day
Sun Screen Day
Amnesty International Day
Learn About Composing Day
Water Flower Day
National Macaroon Day
Save your Hearing Day
World No Tobacco Day

Some of the days for May are kinda sad- but interesting to have days devoted to the various topics.