Thursday, May 22, 2014

Post for today

Mostly doing this so I don't fall even FARTHER behind.  I don't  have time to blog until after my children are in bed- and my son has developed a new bedtime habit of popping out of his room every 5 minutes and softly whining at me.  The plus side is I'm getting a little bit of a work out jumping out of my chair and directing him to his bed- the minus side is that by the time it reaches 9:30 I'm about ready to pull my hair out. (his bed time is 8:00)  I would put him to bed later BUT he needs to go to sleep at no later than 8; he just functions better the next day when he actually goes to bed.  So here I am writing as quickly as possible to get a post done, saying practically nothing other than- I love my son; but wish there was a way to keep him in bed when I put him to bed :P


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