Thursday, May 8, 2014


kinda sums up how I feel
pretty much all of the time
So I kind of fell off the earth last month.  I've managed to climb back on- but it has been a serious climb.

I'm so embarrassed about how badly I've done with my 365 challenge- BUT I'm going to attempt to make it up this summer by doing 2 posts a day (a current post with an older one dated for an appropriate fill in date).

Ok- so finals went well- as well as they ever can for me; and while I cannot boast a 4.0 or being close to graduating like many of my face book friends I can say this:  I'm SO much better than I was when I started- and I'll be even better when I finally graduate.  And I'm TOTALLY walking at my graduation- I deserve some recognition for the effort, blood, sweat, tears, weeks without sleep, the last minute moves and various other things I've had to sacrifice to be in school.

So after I finished with finals last week I hung out with my kids and slept for 2 days.  Then last Thursday I started to clean my little home.  Let me tell you- that has been a pain.  I mentioned this on my art blog- but I'm going to go ahead and repeat it because I have a slightly different audience for each blog- but if this is a repeat; I'm sorry.  We moved, as many people are aware, in a chaotic last minute panic last October- and I've not had a chance to unpack much- so we've been living half out of boxes for the past few months.  Much of that has changed in this last week- I've gotten all the major rooms cleaned up and now just need to catch up on laundry (as I always do) and unpack the pile of boxes that is the living room.   I'm trying to get it all put away by tomorrow night.  It is a bit of an ambitious goal, but Monday I have to start working again.  (In the non traditional free lance way that I do) I want the house completely clean before then so I can have an easier time maintaining a clean home when life is busy.  We'll see how it goes.

Ok so- I just really wanted to check in.  Not much more to say beyond- see ya later.


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