Saturday, May 31, 2014

arg... yup- another post about unpacking

Ok so- one thing led to another... and instead of my original 2 rooms being torn apart, cleaned and organized.... Now 5/6 rooms (6/7 if you count the hallway) are torn up as opposed to just 2.

I SO don't want to talk about it...

This is what my home feels like right now:

Only not solved and more pieces... like a lot more.

The good news is this: Even though today I feel like I've made negative progress- I've actually done a lot.  I have all the furniture set up in the rooms it is staying in and have separated out the few pieces of furniture we're getting rid of or putting in the storage unit.  So success!! Also- each room- while still full of boxes; is full of boxes that have stuff that goes in the room.  (The boxes in the bathroom have bathroom things instead of a mix of bathroom, living room and kitchen things.)

Assuming my kids settle down soon I fully plan on taking the rest of the night away from this horrible mess and going out with my husband. We'll see how that goes.  It's our daughters first night in a big girl bed.... so we kinda want her to fall asleep before we leave them with grandma.


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