Friday, June 13, 2014


I found this image online and since it is basically
what I was wanting to draw anyway
(minus like 10 other chores)
I figured I'd use it for today's post
I kinda dissipated from the internet for about 2 weeks... I've spent every minute from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep cleaning, sorting and unpacking... By the time I sit down to write a blog post my heart isn't in it.  So I've not been posting.  I've started a lot of posts- but they are just sitting as drafts waiting for me to finish them.  I've got some catch up to do; and I will- just not right now.

So I'm almost 2 weeks overdue for my goal of getting the house unpacked and cleaned by the 31st of May.  Turns out I grossly underestimated how much there was to be done.  Every night I'd be like- 'I just worked for 12+ hours straight; I should finish tomorrow' and then I'd get up and work and not be done again.  It's been kinda painful in a way.  At the same time I'm glad I made the goal I did because it's kept me working; even if I'm past my deadline.  The good news is this: Once I'm done I'll be completely unpacked for the first time in 6 years.  Yup- our entire married life we've never actually been 'unpacked' that is how often we've moved.  The only reason I'm unpacking now is because I know for sure we're staying here for 2 years.

So I've cleaned and re-cleaned every room in the house.  At this very moment I can say that the master bedroom, the kids room and the living room are done.  Completely done.  There are maintenance things I'll have to do daily- but as far as big re-arranging of furniture, deep cleaning and unpacking- I'm finished.  Of the other 4 rooms (if you call the hall a room): bathroom is 80% done, Kitchen/Laundry room is 75% done, my office is 50% done and the hallway... is hard to say because I'm storing stuff in it while I clean the other rooms.

I spent most of my time in the bathroom today.  I pulled everything out (including the mobile furniture I'd had in it) swept the floor clean (didn't mop though- I got lazy), emptied every box and resorted ALL of our bathroom stuff- threw away a bunch of stuff that was empty (I have no idea how many moves we've had empty shampoo and soap bottles end up in our boxes!!!) and put it all away again.  Everything is now packed in nice clear plastic shoe boxes in a set of shelves outside of the bathroom.  Everything that stayed in the bathroom is packed into nice baskets and high quality plastic bags.

The rest of the day was spent putting away dishes in the kitchen, re-deep cleaning the kids room (that kinda got away from me while I was unpacking the rest of the apartment) and general maintenance to the living room and the master bedroom.  I'm exhausted but I feel like I've made progress. Which is nice- until yesterday I kinda felt like I was just moving stuff around and nothing was getting clean... thankfully that isn't the case.

I really hope tomorrow I can post some pictures with a big 'I'M DONE' as the subject... I'm not holding my breath though- I'm sure there is more to do than it feels like there is.


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