Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday June 18- that is my title and I'm sticking to it

Today I'm NOT going to talk about unpacking, deep cleaning or organizing.  Wait; guess I just did... but
this is a random piece of fan art (painted by I don't know
who) that I'm putting on here just because.  It has nothing to
do with my post- but it's cute :D
now that you mention it...
I'm still not done- but will be soon.


I've had a kinda rotten day- and yet; I'm in a really good mood.  Probably has something to do with spending several hours with one of my close friends from high school.

Ok- so my rotten day.

Woke up feeling like I had swallowed a ball of needles.  So I decided to stay in bed.  My husband was up getting ready for school/work and I kinda ignored him and tried to sleep as he went about his morning routine.  Weirdly enough I couldn't force myself back to sleep- which is strange for me...

Anyway- he comes in from the bathroom announcing that our toilette is acting up.  There appears to be some clog in the line that just isn't going away- so rose from the bed grumbling and growling like the beast I am first thing in the morning and went to plunge the toilette.

Why was I doing it instead of him? Well he had to finish getting ready and leave- so that left me with the unpleasant task of plunging the swill left in the toilette...  My stomach isn't very firm first thing in the morning so I almost threw up a few times.  Thankfully I'm not pregnant or I would've thrown up :P

After 30 minutes of plunging I went to the internet to see how to get rid of nasty clogs- one poster suggested pouring dish soap into the toilette and letting it sit for a little while.  The theory here is that the soap will break down any fats in the clog (like it does on greasy dishes) and that you will be able to plunge it away.

It didn't work...

BUT I'd plunged most of the nastiness out of site before putting in the soap- so it ended up just being a mass of bubbles- and smelled better than what I was plunging before.  So that was nice.

It's still clogged- so I'm going to have to work on it a bit more this evening.  I would've kept cleaning until it was clean this morning; but ran out of time.

I'm kind of at a standstill in unpacking- I need to get a LOT of laundry washed, dried and put away so that I can finish organizing everything that is in the kitchen/laundry room.  I cannot wait until that room is clean- it's going to look so cute.

I've had 7 loads of laundry to do for about 3 days.  Why so much for so long?  The washer has been acting up.  The basics of the problem are that it has been taking 3-5 hours to wash clothes and then they aren't spun dry.  It's a newer electrical washer.  After some research- I found a possible solution.  Apparently there is a 'crap trap' (no idea what the real name is so that is what I'm going with) that is in the drainage line of the washer; so I emptied that out (it was NASTY) and ran my Clorox washer cleaning solution through the machine.  I don't know if that fixed it (will know by tomorrow) because while the machine was running a 'clean' cycle I had to leave.

Off to the college because my husband had forgotten his calculator in his haste to get out the door.  Which sucks 'cause he has a huge math test and needed it to study.  So I brought that to him- this part of the day was good and relatively uneventful.

From there the kids and I went to the grocery store to grab food for lunch (it's about 2pm at this point) and I notice from the college to the grocery store that my car is making some funny noises.  Loud grinding noises... out of oil noises.  SO I spend the last bit of the route praying that my engine doesn't seize and that I can get to the grocery store.


I checked the oil- and yes indeed it was empty.  Scary.  So we went in bought some groceries and some oil then went out to the car to put the oil into it.

My kids were fascinated by the process- so I narrated what I was doing and showed them the dipstick and what not.  Kids are great- really made a stressful situation more fun.

Luckily when we loaded into the car and started the engine the grinding noise was gone.

Things were good until I arrived at my friends house (to talk baby shower details) and awkwardly parallel parked- when I got out of the car I saw a lovely trail of drips on the ground.  So I laid down in the middle of the street to look under my car.  Sure enough oil is just dripping out.  Yay.

Fortunately enough for me I'm spoiled so when I got back to our little basement apartment this evening and told my Dad about it- he said he'd change the filter and something else.  Hopefully it is just that the filter isn't in there quite right.  We'll see- he's going to work on it on Friday.  In the meantime I've got an extra bottle of oil in my car so I can top off when I need to.

Really- it was a good day. Bad things happened- and it was more exciting than most days- but I also feel like I accomplished a lot. By tomorrow everything should be resolved for the best.


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