Monday, June 30, 2014

New Phone!

So for the last 2 months I've essentially been up to 3 things: unpacking, deep cleaning and planning a friend of mine's baby shower.  It's been a busy past 2 months.  During that time I managed to lose my phone.  Twice.  The first time it dropped out of my pocket as I went to use the bathroom... sadly it died almost instantly.  I did have insurance on my phone so I got a replacement.  Well it took me 3 weeks to scrounge up the deductible for the phone ($150 :P). But it was worth it not to have to buy a new phone.  Or so I thought.  I lost the thing within 24 hours of getting it.  I'm not sure if the ringer ever worked.  After nearly a month of searching through EVERY box and ever shelf that I'd put stuff away on I discovered that the phone was in fact gone.  SO we ordered a new phone- on a payment plan so our phone bill will be a little higher until I can sell a piece of art to pay it off.  
The good news is that my new phone's camera is pretty amazing.  Both pictures below are taken from it.

This is my little Shamrock named Shane.  I thought I'd killed Shane... I got this plant back in march and moved it over to this little pot and it flourished.  Then it got really cold- and the plant started to freeze and die.  So I brought it inside.  I didn't have a really good place to put it and sadly a box fell on the plant one day and smashed the poor little guy.  It died shortly after that.  I put the pot back outside and decided when I had time I'd dig up the roots and mix in some fertilizer and plant some herbs.  One can never have to many  pots of herbs.  

So I noticed the other day some little shoots of green and moved the pot to a place in the yard where it could get watered and forgot about it.  Yesterday I checked on it and took these pictures.  I guess shamrocks are pretty tough little plants.  That or it's actually clover and I'm crazy. (I'm still new to the whole gardening thing) 
In any case- it's pretty.  I hope it's able to grow back to it's former glory.  


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