Sunday, June 7, 2015


So I've obviously completely abandoned the idea of doing a 365 blog challenge on this blog made to be full of random lifeness.  For 2 reasons.  1- often the things I want to write about are to mundane or I simply cannot think of anything and 2- when I do have something to say generally it is so controversial all I can think of is 'Well So-in-so will probably agree, but so-in-so will have a lot to say.  Then I'll have a lot of passive aggressive comments for subject x and I'll have to address them... what happens when people I know start fighting each-other?'  And so on... my thought process usually ends with 'I really like all of my friends who come from incredibly diverse backgrounds- so I will not write about [this subject].  I wonder if we have stuff to make Tacos... I love tacos...'  (and now my picture makes sense :D)

Of course I do like writing about my family- but you hear so many stories about sex trafficking and stalking and stealing of cute kid photos to use on fetish sights... etc.   This leads to another problem... I have a private family blog that I sometimes update- by sometimes I mean I think it's been 2 years since I've touched it.  The problem with that is that under bloggers current rules you can only have
like 50 people on your list- then it starts kicking people off :P  (googles quickly to make sure that is still true) Ok I looked it up apparently it is 100 followers on a private blog.  That might be enough- I'm not really that social of a person when it comes to private life.  Though it appears that there may be less restrictions with private blogs on tumblr or wordpress.  So I'll have to look into it.

With that said if anyone is interested in my family I'm going to start posting weekly in a journal-scrapbook like fashion to my family blog.  Let me know and I'll add your email address to the list (provided you are a close friend or family member- if you are someone I don't know- then no; I will not add you- seems fair I think)

From here on out I'm just going to write a loose list of things I've been thinking about.

  • I want to start dancing again- I think I will; but I really need to slim down so I don't blow out my knees (despite some lengthy post someone I don't know wrote on the subject- I legitimate would blow out my knees; the extra weight I'm carrying+plus the fact that I have very little cartilage to begin with would in fact damage me)
  • I'm going to start running to lose weight.  'cause I love me; but don't care for my luv handles
    (ha ha ha I'm so punny)
  • I need to start writing again.  I think I will; if I do and I make a private blog to share my stories- would people be willing to read and critique? (and obviously not plagiarize)
  • My home is clean enough that cleaning my home is no longer a long sought after dream (if you don't remember what my apartment used to look like... I did a post a while back but am to lazy to look it up)
  • So far this is turning into a long rambley to-do list.  
  • I'm really happy that my home is pretty much clean/organized after so many chaotic moves.
  • My daughter turns 3 tomorrow; and I'm just kinda in shock about that- 'cause I kinda cannot believe that it has been 3 years since I had her... at the same time a TON has happened in that time.
I'm going to bed now; 'cause it is late.