Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Family

F is for family!

I am so grateful for mine- for the love that we all share and for the sacrifices that they make for me. The degree I'm pursuing is a lot more time intensive than most- by that I mean I spend anywhere from 30 to 60 hours outside of class working on projects.  It will be worth it! But in the meant time I'm so grateful for my Mom; she takes care of my kids during the days that I'm at school and sometimes takes them when I have a particularly busy weekend.
My two kids are also really patient with me- as patient as a 4 year old and a nearly 2 year old can be.  They are pretty supportive of me and help me get my homework done by playing in their room and drawing in their own sketchbooks.  (Most of the time anyway; they do have their days where they are just crazy and in my face- but like I said; they are very young)
I'm also grateful to my husband- he has to listen to me on my worst days and he still encourages me to stay and school and finish.


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