Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Terribly Busy!!

SO- I'm going to finish this challenge!! Which means about 20 letters worth of catching up... ok not quite that bad- but close.  I knew this would be hard when I made the decision to do this- I didn't know it would be quite THIS hard.

It's ok- life is good.

I finished 2 of my 3 finals today- and Monday is my last one- which means I get to sit back and breath tonight then 'hit the books' (or sketchbooks more accurately) until my final Monday afternoon when I turn in the last of my stuff!!

It has been a CRAZY month.  Good though- just crazy.  I'm not taking any classes this summer which means I'm going to be terribly busy with other things (kids, getting prints ready for comic con in September, getting a portfolio together for my official BFA application (!!), baby shower(s) and birthday parties that I'm throwing... and I'm sure other stuff as well.)

Don't feel bad for me- I like being busy.  I also like writing which is why I started this blog in the first place- I just need to figure out a way to integrate the blog into the natural order of my life.  I'm sure many of you do this successfully- any advice??


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