Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Projects

I don't have anything specific to post about tonight- so I'm going to share my project goals for July.

Project #1- finish organizing my office
house is pretty unpacked- I just need to finish straightening different rooms out.  You know- for aesthetics :D I'm just down to 'finding a place to put everything in my office'

Project #2- Establish cleaning routines and chore charts
Anyone who follows me on Pinterest will have been spammed earlier today as I pinned many 'age appropriate' chore resources.  I'm revising my old chore cards/lists I made a few years back and making chore charts for my kids.  They are both old enough to start actually helping around the house more- and now that the house has a semblance of order to it I'm going to give them chores to do every day.  I'm excited about it- I've got a few ideas of how to make a chore system that they will actually get excited about.  I'll post more about that when I've finished it

Project #3- Meal Plan for the next year
Yes- for the next YEAR and it will be a plan that will meet our dietary needs (since I'm allergic to so much /sadface) and also will require as little cooking day to day as possible.  Another thing I'll post once I have things more flushed out

Project #4- Websites
yea- I need to build mine :P

Project #5- Comic-Con!
I have so much work to do for that- the Con is in 2 months.... and I have exactly nothing to sell right now.  I have many ideas... need to implement them though.

Project #6- Exercise
really establish an obtainable routine that I can do even once school starts and my life explodes into business.

Those are the main projects I have to work on.  Other than that will be hanging out with kids and other general fun :D


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