Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A couple of goals

Just a few goals that I'm working towards between now and the 22nd of February.  

1- start the Lord of the Rings trilogy
     ~I read these books when I was around 10 but I figure it's been 20 years; might as well read them again! Plus they are at the top of both of my book lists- so it seems like it is a good place to start.  
2- Get my portfolio website and blog up and running
     ~This is something I've been putting off for awhile.  I have just not felt like my art work was good enough to really display out for the whole world; and while I am not nearly at a professional level yet- I've decided it is more than time to get myself online and to start building an online presence.
3- Start an  ACTUAL health routine
     ~I say health routine because I'm including both exercise and eating into the whole package.  I hope to have what I'm doing for that ready to go on Saturday so I can share if anyone is interested in looking.
4- Publish a sketch/doodle a day on my tumblr blog
     ~might publish it on here as well- but if I don't- I'll defiantly link the blog
5- Sunday family webcomic
     ~lol... you'll see.... if I have time- it could be daily- but I'm not planning on that just now
6- .....
     ~I had something to write here but forgot what it was...

Other random thoughts:
the image at the top of this post is a doodle I did the other day as filler for something... it is clearly not a real illustration.  
the Amazing Spider-Man is one of my favorite movies at this moment; totally excited for the sequel
I'm really sleepy so i'm kinda babbling
that last one counts as a thought not a closing statement
I love to color purple
our treadmill is nearly cleared off so I can start using it again!

and now I'm done... 'cause this is just getting ridiculous


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