Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reboot, Rededicate

This is probably a very silly thing to do- but I'm starting over with today as 'post 1' for the 365 day challenge.  I don't know if that is a bad thing to do; but I've missed a couple of days recently and really want to do this right.  So I'm calling today #1.

*EDIT*: February ended in chaos- I'm starting on March 1st with the challenge again.  I apologize for the wishywashyness of this blog thus far.  But it is my challenge and I've decided that restarting is the right thing to do- and starting March 1st will be better than Feb 20th because it is a beginning of a month.*

I've left this blog super open as to what I'm posting about and I'm finding that I don't do well with no structure, the funny thing to me is how often the blog turned into journaling or personal rants.  Neither of which are necessarily bad; but was not my original goal in starting this blog out.  It occurs to me that part of the reason I've lacked any general direction in the blog is because I didn't state my goals and intents at the beginning of the challenge.  I did post about my inspirations for the project and the reason I titled the blog what I did (Titles, Goals and Stuff); but never put down on paper my purpose behind the blog.  Quiet possibly because I did not know myself.  It was a challenge that I approached more casually then I should have for as large of a challenge as it is.  

So here I am today- setting out goals and objectives.  

What is my purpose in doing this blog?

I've stated before that I have a TON of interests and I always feel to limited when I write on my other blogs.  This isn't a bad thing- documenting my weight loss attempts/process/desires and my art career are both good things that probably do deserve their own space.  However it doesn't seem appropriate on either to talk about anything not related to the topic that the blog is dedicated to.  

So I wanted a space to be able to blog a little more freely.  Though I don't want it to constantly be journaling and personal rants.  Not that those things will not show up from time to time; just less often then they have been.  

The other purpose is one that has struck me as I began this challenge and surprised me.  And that is it is something to help me cope with depression.  I'm discovering new ways it helps each day.

What will I blog about?

In this post I wrote down some ideas I had about giving each day a theme or a topic.  I think this is a good idea still- I just need to do it.

A list of things that make me:

Illustration! (obviously)
Craft projects
Playing musical instruments
My Kids
Video Games (I'm going to admit it- I enjoy them)
Cute stuffed animals
Care Bears
The color black
The color purple
Cooking (this actually is something I find interesting; I just find cleaning up tedious)
Health Tips (I do consider this separate from weight-loss)
Exercising (again; while it is a part of losing weight; it is totally different in my mind)
Designing webpages
drawing comics
Cartoons (of all types an varieties)

I'm going to stop the list there.  I'm not going to publish a schedule online (at least not at this time).  As you can see; there are many things I enjoy.  The reason I'm putting this list here is more for me than anyone else- so when I have a hard time thinking of something I'll be able to grab something off the list and say something about it.

I'm hoping I can be more dedicated to this project from here on out; and also that I'll be able to come up with something interesting to say more often than not.  Also I'm going to try to find an hour during the day to write this- instead of leaving it until 11:59 at night.  :D

with that I will say good night to you all!

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