Monday, February 10, 2014

Reading Challenge

Sometime ago (high school I think?) I heard of a list of books that everyone should read.  I've always thought that list was comprised of classics- but I never got around to finding the list to read it.  So I've been wanting to do this for awhile- but have been to lazy (or to busy?) to look up the list of books to read.  I tried to look up the list I heard about in high school- and could not find it.  At least I don't think I did.  I found several lists on this website.  I'm sure the list I should have been looking for was probably something like 'high school recommended reading' or something similar.  I was searching of course for something that sounded far more pretentious- 'top (insert number) books you should read before you die'; or something to that effect.
When I found that there were so many lists I just chose the BBC list- 'cause it looked the second most entertaining and seemed to be one of the most inclusive (genre, time published, etc).  The most entertaining list was the NPR list of 100 fantasy and science fiction books everyone should read... But as I'm wanting to EXPAND my reading repertoire- at least temporarily- I figured the BBC list would be better.  Though truth be told- I'll probably end up reading the fantasy list at the same time- maybe every other book?
Anyway- I think I'm going to start this tomorrow.  It should be interesting- at the very least I should come out of it being able to say 'oh yes- I've read that'.  Well; hopefully anyway.
I have read a few of these before (actually many of them before) but I think I'll re-read as an adult; it'll be interesting to see what I've forgotten and also what my reactions are to them now.


**edit** I have noticed the 2 lists share many of the same books- so that should make getting through both much easier.

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