Sunday, February 16, 2014

family webcomic

SO as you can see- no comic today.  I'm not even going to share any of the sketches that I have been playing around with for the 'characters'.  Mostly because I am lazy (also because I do not feel like fighting with my scanner).  Though next Sunday I will.

I am finding it interesting how much more difficult it is to cartoon people you know than I thought it would be.  You know their personalities so well that when it doesn't look quite right in the drawing it really really doesn't look right.  Like the silly picture I shared of Avi the other day- to cute.  She is cute- there is no doubt of that- but she is so much more than that.  She has a lot of fire and attitude and a sort of glint of something mischievous in her eyes.

I am excited about this project though- there have been so many funny moments with my kids since they have come into my life that I have just wanted to put them in a comic form.  We'll see how it goes :D


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