Friday, February 21, 2014

Doctor Visit, Applebees and a nap

Today is going to be a bit of a slacker post- I've got to get back to homework and have spent the entire day... well doing what is in the title.

My daughter has been super sick- bad colds for a little over 3 weeks.  I don't really worry to much about those things- 'cause kids get better and she was still Avi.  Until this week when she was completely run down and sick.  So this morning I had a very sick girl; who remained that way until we got to the doctor- where she was sick; but fine.  Which is frustrating- 'cause this evening she was back to feverish and sad.  The hope is that it will blow over soon- if it doesn't I'll take her back next week.

My son spent most of the trip there worrying about shots.  We tried to explain why shots were good- this resulted in him looking at his hands and saying 'I don't seen any germs- I'm not going to get sick' Will have to get some books on germs from the library tomorrow.

Beyond that the visit was fairly uneventful- kids were good and were declaired healthy.

Afterwards we were all hungry and it was almost dinner so we went to Applebees.  Thought it would be fun.  Not sure why we thought that.  I had the brilliant idea of ordering the kids food first so they could be eating and less restless (since often when we do to out to eat the food arrives together and we end up finishing ours first and waiting for the kids to finish eating.)  Evan chose some pizza off the menu- upon recieving he found a small piece of tomato in the sauce- and refused to eat the pizza; instead eating broccolli.  I appreciate the fact he likes broccolli; but was annoyed he wouldn't just eat the pizza we had ordered.  The greatest failure of this was the kids got bored with their food faster than usual and were climbing over me and David while we tried to rappidly shove food in our mouths   while trying to keep the kids within our booth.  We learned 2 things: getting food for the kids first is NOT a good idea- and next time we do take them out we are bringing Avi's portable highchair booster  seat thing.  We can actually strap her in that thing.  Food was good though- I think the kids were just restless after being at the peditricians office for so long.

We came home and I crashed- which is bad- I have 2 paintings due Monday and only 2 days to complete them (eek!).

Hopefully I'll finish one of them tomorrow so I can share it with you.  Until then- peace.


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