Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just a day

Today is one of those days that I don't have anything earth-shattering to say.  It was just a day.  It was Saturday which means that we had our weekly family activity.  Every time we go out for these things David and I have unrealistic time expectations- for instance- today we were going to the pool and then out to dinner.  That will take 2 and a half hours we thought.  Nope.  
First off- I had to drop off my entry for the student art show at the Woodbury Art Museum.  I genuinely thought it would take 10 minutes at the most to drop off my entry and get back to the car where David and the kids were waiting.  It took 20 minutes.... however- I'm entered now- Monday I'll find out whether or not my entry will be selected for the gallery.  (Honestly I'm not holding my breath- I didn't have time to really prepare anything nice for the gallery so I entered in one of my assignments- so we'll see how it goes.)
After that we drove to the pool.  Then changed clothes (this involved waiting on a changing room to be available) then of course we went into the pool.  It was 4 o'clock when we got there- and evidently they clear the pool at the top of the hour every hour and have a mandatory bathroom break for the kids. Which is pretty awesome but that meant we had to wait longer.  SO 4:10 we got into the pool and at 5 we headed out.  It was a lot of fun- we got to see a few friends we hadn't seen in awhile.  Avi mostly clung to either me or David and Evan went down some slides but mostly stuck to the side of the pool with us.  Why? It was BUSY.  Like middle of summer 100+ degree heat kind of busy.  Surprised me- not sure why- but it did.  So we're going to have to find some off times to go with the kids.
Well after that we changed clothes and went to a restaurant.  Somehow it was almost 6 when we got to Applebees.  We decided to try something new there and had desert first- 'cause we never get desert and they always look so good.  Worth it.  Ate it while the kids were still calm and had our meal afterwards- no crying or fussing (of course I think they were both pretty sleepy from the pool) When we were done it was just after 7- and as their bedtime is 8 we didn't want to go home and have to fight with them in an hour to put them to bed- so we wasted time driving around and window shopping with the kids.  Well a little more than window shopping.  We did get some clothes for the kids and we ended up getting a toy for Evan that he has wanted for awhile (he actually earned it by doing a list of things we talked to him about at the beginning of the year.  He's actually staying up a little late to play with it.  
So that was that- we started to get ready to leave the house at 2:30 and got home at 8 then put the kids to bed.  So much for a 2 and a half family outing.  Maybe if we plan it better.  In any case it was fun.

In other random news:
I'm trying to refine my photography skills so I've been carrying around my camera more to get more experience behind the lens.  Here are some shots from a week ago:

The lighting was fantastic so the shots came out pretty well.

I'm going to be re-dedicating myself to sketching (a lot) every day so I'm going to start posting those daily on my art blog.  I'll put a link up on this blog so people can look at them if interested.  Warning: some of the sketches will be nude figure studies- if that offends you then you probably do not want to look at them.  I make no apologizes to anyone about drawing nude people; some of the greatest LDS artists draw nudes as well (even if they don't publish the sketches).  I'll be posting them mostly for my own accountability- if I can start doing that then I'll have the extra pressure to get the practice in every day.  

Anyway- that is it for today.  

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