Monday, March 10, 2014

More Spring Break Progress

Once again I don't have a lot of time to write- I spent the whole day cleaning and shifting rooms.  I've done TONS of laundry- and my office that was full of boxes is just about empty now- soon it will be a the kids bedroom/toy room/tv room.  Soon as in tomorrow.  Assuming I can keep up the pace.  Of course all of this moving around has involved flooding my moms home with books and book shelves in order to make room for the new arrangement.  She is as of this moment in the process of putting all the books away and making everything look lovely.  She has a knack for that- it is something I need to work on- making your living space beautiful no matter what curve-balls are thrown at you.  Also have been working my way through that mound of laundry I mentioned yesterday- I think I only have 4 loads left.  Not sure though- its really hard to tell.
Like I said- I do not have a lot more to say beyond that so- I'm back to try to do something productive.

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