Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Artist Highlihgts: Eric Sturdevant and Mary Blair

I can tell right now that tonight is going to be a late-night-work-on-an-assignment-and-hope-I-get-it-done kinda night.  SO I'm doing this post early and it's going to be short (for reals)

The assignment I'm working on is a VERY stylized illustration that would be used for a children's book.  The guidelines are strict as to what goes into the piece and how it is to be done.  It is supposed to be flat shapes, reverse perspective, 2 kids, 1 animal, a mode of transportation, landscape with 3 layers and a building.  I'm working on it now- and maybe tomorrow (assuming I get it done tonight) I will share it with you.  However; for tonight I'm highlighting 2 of the artists that I'm using as style references.

First up: Mary Blair if you look through her gallery you'll see a lot of Disney concept art.  It seems that for a few years she was Disney.  At least she was a very big influence over there. Two of my favorite pieces by her are:

Second: Eric Sturdevant
as far as what he has listed on his website this is the one I like the best:

I'll go into more detail another time- but for now this is what you are getting.

Night and see you tomorrow

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