Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Book: Words of Radiance

Many of you may know, and anyone who has read any of these posts should know, of my obsession with fantasy.  It isn't something I try to keep hidden or quite- it is just a very big part of me.  I'm constantly looking for new authors within the genre and when I find a good one I proceed to devour every book they've ever written.  I've read a LOT of fantasy books  (I've read a lot of books in general... but mostly fantasy).  ANYWAY- yesterday was the day that the second book in the Stormlight Archive series came out (as many of you are well aware) and for those who are not.... The Stormlight Archive's is a series that is being written by Brandon Sanderson.  If you like reading- read his books- any of them.

my copy of the book... should've cleaned up desk before taking the photo... you can see the remnants of last nights painting everywhere... oh well.
Reasons why you should read this series:
(which starts with The Way of Kings)

#1- the characters
          ~Sanderson writes his rather large cast of characters extraordinarily well- both men and women in the book feel alive.  Which is to say that it almost feels like you could meet them on the street and have a conversation with them- many books I've read the characters felt forced and unbelievable- but his characters are dynamic, each one interesting with their own point of view of the world.  

#2- the world
          ~He creates this world that is SO unlike our own- which frankly breaks one of the biggest rules of writing fantasy.  The rule being that the reader needs something to relate to so the story will feel believable- messing around with to much makes the reader feel un-easy and they have a more difficult time suspending disbelief so they can enjoy the story.  That doesn't happen here.  (He's had lots of practice telling stories in very different worlds, Elantris, Warbreaker and Mistbourne to cite other examples of this.) You start out in the first book in a world that is strange and fantastic- and completely unfamiliar.  Through his story-telling you are led through different countries within his world that are all unique- and you believe in them.  They feel like places you could actually visit.  

#3- the lore
          ~The world and countries talked about in this series all have a deep history- it gets unfolded piece by piece as the story progresses; which of course adds to the vibrant setting that the story is set in.

#4- relationships between characters
           ~I don't mean romantic relationships- I just mean all relationships, between friends, enemies, self and family.  I am completely blown away by the way each and every relationship feels real- not forced or imaginary but like a real life relationship between people.  Again- I've read a lot of books where everything felt artificial- but not here.

#5-The Story
          ~it's awesome.  not going to say more than that 'cause don't want to spoil it.

#6- The art
          ~Micheal Whelan, Ben McSweeny, Dan dos Santos (Illustrators) and Isaac Stewart (cartography).  Need I say more?

So yea- go check it out- (The Way of Kings) if you haven't started the series yet.  

For my own reading- I've only gotten to the end of part one- which goodreads tells me is a mere 15% of the book.  So I've got a fair amount to go.  So far though- it's awesome. :D

Well I'm off to read- 

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