Thursday, January 2, 2014

Titles, goals and stuff

So I've spent most of today thinking about what to post tonight- because all I've been doing is chores today and I needed something interesting to think about.

Ok so about this blog and this 'project' I'm about to embark on- last year my sister-in-law Kimberly started a blog. Her first entry was on January 1st and if you want to read it here it is: 'Happy New Year's! Inspirefly' I remember reading that and thinking 'wow that is ambitious- I wonder if she'll do it?'  Well; she did! It is not that I didn't have faith in her- just 365 posts- that is a TON.  Specially coming up with ideas for all of them... plus I know her life- she is a busy woman- I didn't see how she could possibly finish the project.  Despite all of these little reasons I hoped she would be able to do it- I wanted to see this goal go through.  The good news? She made it.  Her last post of the year: 'My 365th Post of 2013' Admittedly I didn't read every post that she put up- but I did follow it.  When I read through that last post I was reminded of another thought I'd had when she did her first post of 2013- 'hey I want to do that!' So- I'm going to give a shot.

My other inspiration on this project is a friend of mine- who admittedly I have only met in the last year and haven't been able to get to know as well as I like- but well enough to know that she is pretty awesome.  Her name is Kensie- and she is the kind of person that seems to always have that glow about her that all actresses had back in the 60s.  She is just a very genuine person.  That is probably a little cheesy to say- but whatever.  She runs a blog Gracefully Kensie that I very lazily follow- but it is pretty cool.  Her updates have been scarce lately but it is largely due to some hard things in her life recently.  So seems like a random mention I guess- but one of the things that I've learned about blogging from reading her blog was how to handle talking about children in a blog.  She simply refers to her kids by the first letter of their name- Brilliant.  It was a clever solution to wanting to talk about your life and still keep some form of privacy- so I'm going to borrow that technique from her.

Once I decided I was going to try this challenge I realized I'd have to name my blog.  I'm terrible at titles. I thought of starting this blog over the summer- and the original name was to be 'Simply Nikkie' it fit I thought- a place to bring all the elements of life together and just be myself.  I googled 'simply nikkie' and it turns out there is another girl out there whose name is ACTUALLY Nichole who uses that particular title for everything she does.  So I figured that I'd come up with a different name for my blog.  I tried to use my first name instead of my nickname but it didn't have the right ring to it- so I played around with a few titles.  Naturally Nikkie was a thought I had for a bit- but as much as I enjoyed the alteration of it I didn't like the mental picture I had when I thought of the title... so I kept playing around with words and finally came up with 'Decidedly'.  It seemed to match my personality.

So that is a much longer winded version of what I posted in my first paragraph last night.  I am still working out some of the details of this blog regarding the structure (pertaining both to design and content). I hope I figure out a bit more of a groove as I continue down this road- also hope I can find a little more time to edit so my posts aren't quite so stream of concious.

As a follow up to yesterday my son went to bed fine tonight; I didn't do much differently tonight- but have decided to start a notebook so that I can see if there are any trends that cause him to go to bed easily some nights vs the epic fight we seem to usually have.  Or maybe he's just a preschooler and I'll just have to wait for him to grow out of his night time fits.


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