Monday, January 13, 2014

Computer Issues

I'm writing my post tonight; but I'm not linking this to facebook.  Why? because it will be short, full of my frustrations and less thought out than my usual post.

So my computer had issues a few months ago. The issue it had was water getting spilled on it in a cartoon-domino fashion.  The computer promptly died after that happened.  SO we thought to ourselves 'we're smart- lets go ahead and just order the components and replace them'.  The fact is we are smart enough and capable enough to fix/build our own computers- but my computer was damaged in such a mysterious way we were not able to bring it back to life.  After spending the money on the components that we did we decided to put them into my husbands computer.  Which we did- about 3 days after I got my new computer.  Upon opening his computer the machine he had basically disintegrated.  The posts from the case to the motherboard were loose and most gone and his motherboard had a crack next to the processor.  We have NO idea how this happened.  SO we put the motherboard from my computer into his case and ordered a new case.  Which arrived today.  Husband was sick today so I decided to be a nice wife and assemble it all.  So now it is all assembled and the BIOS isn't posting- for some mysterious reason... everything is in there correctly (we double checked- and right now I think he is triple checking...).  I believe it will start working eventually- I just don't know when that will be.

In any case putting together his computer to HOURS and now I'm here posting my little post and tying it up quickly so I can go do my homework.


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