Friday, January 3, 2014

Still ringing in the new year

I'm taking a break to quickly get an entry in; so hopefully this will be short and I won't ramble to much.  
School starts Monday- when that first day of next semester hits I'll really feel like this is a new year.  In the meantime I'm trying incredibly hard to unpack from our rather paniced move that happened at the beginning of last semester.  I've been able to get a lot of good work done these past few days- the kids room is clean, unpacked an organized; they actually have a place to play! The living room and the bathroom are also finally unpacked and good to go.  I'm still working my way through a massive amount of laundry that piled up- so our laundry room/kitchen is still a mess- but it isn't to bad- once I have all the clothing cleared out of there It won't take to much more than mopping the floor and putting away a few odds and ends.  So ultimately I think I'll reach my end goal of having the apartment ready for Spring semester.  
Of course there are 2 rooms I'm still working on- our bedroom/my husband's office and my office/storage area.  Our bedroom should pretty much fall into place after I get all of the laundry washed and the floors vacuumed- and my husband doesn't have a lot of stuff for his office (he does programming so it is fairly self contained- though even with that said I would love some day to live in a home where he didn't have to have his office in our bedroom- for his sake)
My office on the other hand is a disaster.  I'm an artist- well an aspiring one at least; I also sew quilts (when I find time), scrapbook and have countless other little projects.  SO I have a lot of stuff.  The art alone takes up most of the room- and it's all mostly in boxes.

Last semester was so stressful and so busy I never really had time to unpack- so I've just been opening boxes pulling out what I needed and then throwing the box back on the stack.  Here are some photos to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with- I took some of these sitting down in a chair (that is taking up the entire center of the room so there isn't much standing room at the moment)

this room is honestly pretty cute- you can see the books in the background of most of my messy boxes- it's my mom's library that I've kinda taken over for now.
My mom gave me my birthday present early:

Some really cool storage boxes.  I'm really excited to get this room organized.  When I got in here with the storage boxes I just sat and stared....  I had no idea where to start.  I finally just picked a corner and started moving stuff and cleaning.  

I'll post pictures later when it is done; I hope by tomorrow night at the latest to have our whole home sorted and put away.  :D

Well that is all for now- 


  1. Huh, my comments are not showing up! My goal for the new year is to comment on all your posts. It's LIKE writing a blog.

  2. That's a good goal from Kris--because that is so encouraging when people respond! Good luck with the unpacking---I'm still doing it here!!