Thursday, January 16, 2014

A piece of my sketchbook

I sat down to write tonight and decided since it ended up being yet ANOTHER day that I haven't had a second to think/breath that I'd share a 30 minute drawing that I did.  Actually at first I was going to share a few of my sketches- but then as I flipped through the book I realized that most of the sketches I do would probably not be appreciated by the masses.  In order to be as amazing as I want to be in drawing and in painting I do a lot of sketches from life.  Specifically from nude models. *gasp*  Well how else am I going to learn to draw and paint figures that feel real? In any case- even though I'm comfortable with what I draw I doubt most people want to see sketches of nudes.

So I found this sketch- I actually did it today.

of course after photographing it I'm seeing every stinking thing that I did wrong in the sketch.  So I might go back and work on it some more.  But for now this is what I'm sharing.

As coincidence may have it I was feeling a little uncertain about sharing the picture when I checked to see if there were any messages up in a group I am in and I found this link  which led to a cyanide & happiness cartoon that I have posted below.

Seriously one of the best things I've ever seen.  It's so true though- as human beings no matter what we are doing; be it scrapbooking, fine art, music, dance or whatever we tend to stand back and say 'that really isn't any good'.  I love that this points out that what we forget is this: we are better now than we were before!

It really is neat.


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