Thursday, January 30, 2014

Poor Baby

Yesterday I spent the whole day feeling awful from a headache- a bad headache I kinda felt fluish- so stayed home from school and rested.  At about 10 I felt better so was trying to get some homework done.  Right when I declared that I was going to bed; Avi woke up and started crying.  Poor thing had gotten sick and thrown up on her bed.  SO after cleaning her up I spent the remainder of the night taking care of her.  Each time I thought that she was well enough to go to sleep I'd put her to bed and then go crawl in my bed and she'd start crying again.  I didn't get any sleep.  I did decide that I need to set up a second bed (or at least have a cot I can put together easily) somewhere in the kids room so that when kids have nights like these I can get a little more sleep.
Avi continued to feel sick all day today- though it seemed to mostly be a headache and not flu for her.  She's sleeping now so hopefully she'll wake up happy and refreshed.
My brain is spent from lack of sleep and worry over her- so this is all you are getting tonight.

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