Saturday, January 25, 2014

Healthy Eating part 2b

So it was interesting to see what happened this last week- I didn't have a plan and never got to the grocery store- so what happened? We totally reverted... So not really that interesting- more like predictable.

This week I have a plan- not a solid 'this day we eat this and this day we eat that' sort of plan, (which I sincerely hope I'll have time to put together next week) but a list of meals and snacks.  My plan this week is to refer to the list as sort of a menu.  I bought most of the food today- not the produce part of the food 'cause we have some in the fridge still and frankly all the produce at Wal-mart looked... undesirable.  So Monday after school I'm going to go get the remaining items on my list and cut up the fruit and veggies for the fridge again like I did last week.

Now while I didn't put together a real meal plan I did think about snacks this past week- and I jotted down some snack combinations that I thought sounded pretty good and that would be healthy:

·         Snack ideas
o   #1
§  Apple
§  Celery
§  Raisin
§  Peanut butter
o   #2
§  Cheese cube
§  Apple
§  Carrot
o   #3
§  Broccoli or Cauliflower
§  Small tomato
§  Cucumber slice
§  Cheese cube
o   #4
§  Banana slice
§  Apple slice
§  Peanut butter
§  Crackers
o   #5
§  Pudding (store bought)
§  Crackers
o   #6
§  Fruit cup (store bought)
§  Cheese cubes
o   #7
§  Cottage cheese
§  Broccoli or cauliflower
§  Small tomato
§  Cucumber slice
o   #8          
§  Stuffed tomato
·         Cottage cheese
·         Tuna fish
·         Onion
·         Celery
·         Cheese

If you have any ideas of things to add; please share!  Monday night after I buy any of the produce I am missing I'm going to put the snacks into inexpensive Ziploc Tupperware containers.  The hope is that we'll be eating more complete snacks and not just grapes :3  (as I've mentioned before)

One other thing that I accomplished this week that I think will help with eating better and hopefully losing some weight.  I got most of the house de-boxified.  Yea I know that isn't a real term.  So the living space feels more comfortable that it used to.  I also got a table cloth for our table so it'll feel more like a real table.  (the table we use is one of those white fold out tables that you use at church- to conserve space)  I'm hoping this will help encourage us (having a nice place to eat) to eat together as a family. It's something I think is missing from our lives for a variety of reasons.

Next week I hope to have a share-able meal plan, unless the 'menu' system works- in that case I will share what we used as a menu this week.

Good night all!


  1. I saw the mention about pudding cups! I'm sure you've thought of this, but it's much more affordable to make your own pudding then to buy the individual cups. I suggest making a bowl (or two) of it and then just leaving it in the fridge and grab servings as you want. I do this with Jello and it's REALLY nice for something sweet that doesn't kill you with tons of Calories. If you add the spray whipped cream which is also relatively low in calories it makes for a very delicious sweet snack or treat that doesn't break the bank on caloric intake! :)

  2. Yea- if my life wasn't in 'grab and go' mode all week I would totally do that. The nice thing about the pudding cups is that I can throw away the container and do not have a lot of stuff to carry around with me through out the day. They don't break the bank to bad- they are only like 25 cents a cup (which is more than making it myself lol). Otherwise I totally agree lol.
    Hadn't thought of Jello- I forget about the existence of it most of the time. Thanks for the suggestions!