Friday, January 10, 2014

5 Ways to win my heart

So I keep finding myself not writing this until pretty late at night and by then my brain is pretty fried.  Which leads to me staring at this blank screen for far to long; so in order to help myself get something written each day that is semi meaningful (as is the goal) I did a search on writing prompts.  More specifically writing prompts for a blog- which seem to come in the form of '30 day challenges' for the most part.  I found that there seem to be about 5 of these on the internet- and the seem to be written for single people; more specifically single 14 year old girls.  So I chose one at random and the first subject was about winning a heart.  It kinda made me laugh- but hey- it was a starting point.

Honestly I'm not sure what the intent of this particular prompt is- I don't know how I would've answered it in the past but now I think it comes down to a few silly things.  I imagine this list will be more than 5.

Cookies mixed by little hands, most of the batter stays in the bowl;
cookie crumb kisses for no reason,
sticky hands hugging my leg,
giggles of joy at absurd toys.
Compliments at the most random times- usually involving the words 'mommy- I think you are beautiful today' followed by 'am I handsome?'
Hugs and tag and hide and seek;
missing toys- pirate ship in the sink!
Wilted flowers from who knows where-
scribbled notes on scrap paper.
Random 'I love you!'s through out the day.
Cuddles with husband while watching a movie-
late night treats when kids are sleeping.
Clean floors, picked up by someone else.
Yummy Korean dishes prepared by a handsome man (specifically MY man :D).
Kids playing with Dad when I need some quite time.

It is a silly list- but honestly I'm of an age and a point in life where my heart is not to be won by extravagant gifts or other pricey things.  Not to say I don't enjoy going out with my husband just the two of us to eat and watch a movie.  At this point though it is more about laughing and hanging out together.  Also I feel like I have more than one person competing for my heart- the nice thing is it has enough capacity to love that I have room for all 3 of the people competing for it.

That is all tonight- maybe tomorrow I'll use complete sentences :D

PS: I need to find my copy of photoshop and re-install it... editing images in paint is hard!

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