Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Cleaning, some plans and a movie

So if you recall the pictures from yesterday my office was a disaster.  It's gotten better! Though I've still got a lot left to get done (hopefully) tonight.  One of the problems I was facing when I started cleaning this room was just the sheer amount to be done- I'm still a bit overwhlemed by it- but I figured out  system.  I'm opening boxes one at a time- quickly jotting down on the side what I see in them and then give it an unpacking priority lable (high, medium, low) and stacking them accordingly.  I think I might be able to go through the majority of them tomorrow because 1- I'll know what is in them; and 2- I'll have a better idea where to put it.  Once the boxes are stacked and labeled (they nearly are) I'm cleaning off all of the surfaces in here and figuring out EXACTLY where each catagory of stuff goes- so unpacking the boxes will be pretty easy.  That is my hope at least.

So I've been giving this blog/365 challenge a lot of thought as I've been cleaning the past few days- and as much as I like writing a journal of my thoughts to the world; I feel like I could do more.  So I'm going to put 'themes' on each day of the week.  (spiritual thought on sunday, weightloss wednesday, sketchbook saturday- I'm digging the aletiration :D) I've not yet figured out the total schedule but other things I was thinking about writing about are things like: book or movie reviews,  at least one just journaling day, a writing prompt day (creative writing maybe? or another journal writng day?) a craft day... Those are the ideas I've had- I'm not going to set anything completely in stone yet (as far as what day of the week I'll do what; I probably will eventually though) those are the thoughts I've had- any ideas anyone else has are welcome :D.  I'm doing research on ideas myself of course but comments are welcome.

Also- I know there have been some technical difficulties with the blog (the font choice was hard to read- might still be I'm not sure) I know that at least one of my friends was having trouble having her comments show up- if that happens send me a message on facebook or an email (I think I have an email link on here somewhere) and let me know and I'll try to trouble shoot the thing,  I'll have a computer again (yay!) this next week so I'll be able to fix more of the technical issues at that point.

Hubby is going to take me to see the new Hobbit movie tongiht- so I need to get at least 6 more boxes  gone through and labled before then- so good by for now!


oh and this was something cute I found while cleaning:

guess he didn't want to help clean; silly omnom


  1. Good thing to come up with the ideas--because seriously there were some days that I had ZERO ideas what to write. Though some times I didn't like getting stuck in the box I had--I came up with a theme for Fridays for a while and then it kind of went away...same with like beginning or end of the month. So I guess my advice would be--be willing to change it for the sheer reason that you want to :) Thought about the comment trouble--it might be that darn captcha thing. I got rid of it on mine and I can send you a link if you can't figure out how to get rid of it on yours. I didn't realize how much trouble it can cause people until I was reading other blogs. It might not be the source but at least a start.

  2. thanks for the advice again :D, and yea send me the link I'd love to look at it.