Friday, January 24, 2014

Memorable Moments #1

In church I brought some quite toys for my children to play with.  Little girl decided that every time she did anything with the toy she needed to throw her hands in the air and shout 'YAY I DID IT!' 
Lesson Learned: There is no such thing as a quite toy.

Little boy was off with someone on an adventure (grandma I think) So I was home with Little girl.  Dinner came and she requested something to eat.  I went through the pantry looking for something she could help me make and pulled out some easy mac- I showed her the package and she looked confused, so I pulled out a box of regular macaroni and cheese and told her that it was the same thing.  With this information she began jumping up and down clapping her hands and shouting 'oh oh oh!' (she doesn't do anything quietly) 
We dumped the pasta in a bowl and then put water in- then I put it in the microwave for 3 minutes.  She fell apart.  Wailing, crying, laying on the floor fist pounding- classic tantrum.  3 minutes were up; and I added the cheese- she immediately calmed down and ate some food.  
Evidently in her mind the steps to making a meal are as follows:
open box
eat food

When cleaning the living room I announced to the children I was about to vacuum.  Little Boy ran in and immediately started picking up small toys. Little girl went around the room finding all of her snack stashes and shoving them in her mouth.

After climbing on me for about an hour- clawing at my face and pulling my hair- I finally  set Little girl outside of the room.  She sat on the bottom stair across from my office and proceeded to wail, throw toys and do anything else she could.  Then she fell asleep.  It was kinda cute at the end. 

I'm sure there were other cute stories from this week- but I'm drawing a blank now.



  1. Kids can sleep in any position. Also, she should come over for a play date with Millie. I bet that Millie would be super amused by her. She's kind of quiet most of the time, and is interested by loud people.

  2. lol, I would love to see that developing as a friendship :) I'll send you a message about a playdate