Monday, January 6, 2014

blah, blarg, googleblug...

That has been the kind of day it has been; I woke up to early and was sick to my stomach then had to go to school.  I'm super excited for all of my classes- but was rather distracted all day by my upset stomach.  Basically that leaves me tired and without much to say tonight.

So I'm going to go on a truly random tangent.

Is Om-Nom.  I'm sure you recognize him even if you haven't played 'Cut the Rope' the game he is from.  This little guy earned a special place in my heart fairly rapidly because of a series of conversations that I had back when I was just out of high school.

Anyone who knows me will know this: I have a habit of not only making up words but combining several words into one word.  Sometimes I do it on purpose- usually it just incidentally happens while I'm talking. There was one word my best friend and I said a lot 'Blarg'.  At some point she became Queen of the Blarg minions- I've always had this image of what a blarg-minion is in my head but haven't ever drawn it.  We were young and goofy- though when we get together even now we're still pretty goofy.  So during one of our conversations about nonsense I responded to a question by saying 'oh googleblug'.

What is a Googleblug? Honestly I wasn't sure.  I'm not even sure where the word came from because at the time google was not a super power.  I'm not even 100% they really existed as a company- if they did; I certainly didn't know anything about them.

So I went about trying to decide what a googleblug was.  Passively of course- it wasn't a huge focus of mine.  I started to visualize something small and green and something that was mostly teeth and big eyes.  I never really got a clear picture of it in my mind.

Until Cut the Rope.  First time I saw Om-nom my mind said 'wow- it's a Googleblug'.

Naturally I had to own one.

I know that picture is tiny- but honestly he's going to pop up in this blog from time to time; why? 'cause he's adorable.

I find that I get kind of goofy with him.  

So I happily now own my very own Googleblug.

And this is my post today- and I know it is silly and random; but I needed some silly randomness today.  I'm going to try to post earlier in the day- I think it'll make my  posts more meaningful.


oh PS I have a computer again.  W00t.