Wednesday, January 8, 2014

20 'random' facts about me

1.  I love math and am kinda good at it
2. I have lived in the Philippines
3. I have a working knowledge (grammar and sentence structure) for Portuguese, Japanese and German; I just do not have a lot of vocabulary in any language
4. I love watching animated films and shows- cartoon-a-holic here!
5. Fantasy and science fiction are my favorite genre's (for both movies and books)
6. I know WAY to much back-story and lore to Tolkien's world and Star Trek... not enough to be a true guru but enough to be kinda scary
7. I love ice cream but cannot eat it
8.  Same with bacon
9. I love hiking and camping but haven't done either in a long while
10. My second toe is bigger than my first
11. I write stories- though I've not been gutsy enough to get anything to a publisher (though one of my goals for this year is to send one in)
12. I am pretty good at photography
13.  I once built a bed with a built in couch and a closet + storage area out of an old bunk bed.  It was pretty cool
14. I typically only get about 4-5 hours of sleep at night
15. When I say 'sorry I have to do homework' what I really mean is 'I have about three 40 hour projects I need to somehow complete in the next 5 hours.
16. I hope to one day work for a video game company like Blizzard entertainment
17. I've always wanted to back-pack Europe and visit all the castles and megalithic ruins. (I will do this one day...)
18. My favorite candy is Andies chocolate mints
19. I collect teddy bears in general; more specifically I collect care-bears
20. I never have time to read- but I listen to about 4 audio books a month


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  1. I knew all but 1 of these! Too bad you didn't make that Europe trip you girls wanted to do the summer after you graduated. I have no idea how to do such a thing, but it can be done. You can still do it. when you are old. older. love you!