Friday, January 9, 2015

10 Likes and 10 Dislikes

I’ve certainly posted about this before- but here we go…

We’ll start with the positive things (in no particular order)

1- Strawberries
2- Reading
3- Dancing
4- Hiking
5- Drawing/Painting- ART
6- Cross-stitching
7- Singing
8- Having a clean home (though I’m not the best at keeping it clean)
9- Music- of nearly any variety
10- Writing

Now for the dislikes

1- Being told what to do
2- Cleaning/Chores
3- Being sad…
4- Mean people (also rude people)
5- Driving on the freeway
6- Trying new foods- but I do force myself to do that one
7- Being sick (yea this is true for everyone; but I get sick a lot it seems…)
8- Feeling useless
9- Mangos
10- Cooking….

My dislikes are a little more abstract- go figure lol.


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