Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Random Thoughts

I don't see how this post can be anything but random- I don't have anything really organized in my head right now.

So it's the first month of my 365 challenge and already I'm a week behind- so I'm posting today so I do not get more behind.  My goal for this weekend: not to get further behind and to catch up (I'll post date the entries- so it'll LOOK like I stayed caught up.  Bwa ha ha ha ha.... seriously I'm only doing it for my own organizational purposes.)

Honestly it's hard to keep up with everything so I got this:

Isn't it cute?

At the moment it is my life journal.  You can kinda read the flimsy tags sticking out of it (soon to be replaced with higher quality platic post its) But I track my schedule, assignments, sketchbook, my husbands schedule, my kids schedule, my blogs (that is a recent addition), etc.

All so I can stay on track with everything going on right now.

So this month I'm frantically trying to get 2 pieces together to enter the Society of Illustrators Student competition and the Spectrum Annual.  Honetly I'm not sure I have a prayer of getting in to either- also not sure if I'm going to get my pieces finished- but I'm trying!!! Next year I'm not going to be so last minute in my decision to apply... it is what it is I guess- at this point all I can really do is work for it.  

I'm also freaking out a little bit about my pending application to the BFA program at my school.  I don't know why I'm worrying about it- I'm not applying to get in this semester.  Well I'm applying to get in- but I won't be heart broken if I don't get in this semester.  The biggest reason I'm applying is so that I can apply in the fall (you can only apply in the fall if you've put in an application in the spring).  That will give me the summer to refine things.  It would be nice to get in on the first application- but I'm not holding my breath for it.  I've gotten a lot better over the last few years- but I'd hardly say I'm at the level I need to be in order to qualify for the BFA.  At least not in my paintings skills.  In my drawing skills I'm probably at the low end of what they are looking for.

SO I CAME UP WITH A BRILLIANT IDEA WHILE TYPING ALL OF THIS.  I take a lot of photos anyway- so I think I'm going to post a photo a day with a small blurb.  At the very least that is- that way I'll always have *something* I can post about- and post quickly about as well in most cases.  

So this year I'm looking for blog challenges- if you know of any please let me know in the comments.  I'm going to be participating for sure in the A-Z challenge.  It'll be art related; I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to be doing on this blog- but on my Art Blog I'm going to be creating an Alphabet Book and posting one page a day- at the end of April I'll be publishing it to amazon e-books if anyone wants to purchase it.  If I can make enough money that way I'll look into what it takes to publish it physically.  I'm still playing with ideas for a theme- but since my kids and I are fantasy nuts it'll probably be fairy-tale-ish.  We'll see.  That also is going to have a section in my notebook pretty soon.  

That concludes my random assortment of thoughts.  


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