Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spring Semester 2015

As I've mentioned- this last fall I took 15 credits.  And while I did pretty well in my classes ('specially considering I didn't finish any paintings that I turned in...) I've decided that I'm NEVER doing 15 credits again.  So this semester I cut down my classes to 6 credits.

My schedule is kind of funny- I'm taking Advanced Figure Drawing (which is a senior level class) and I'm taking Drawing 1 (most decidedly a freshman class) why am I doing this? I got a C many years ago in drawing 1- this did matter until recent catalog changes.  Also when I took it before I was a non-major; so the class I took way back- while cool, ultimately was useless.  I  have a lot of credits like that on my transcript unfortunately.  I really don't regret my life or the amount of majors I've dipped my toes into; but I do wish I'd figured out what I wanted to do sooner.  I'd be both (1) done or closer to being done and (2)  still covered by financial aid.  (from here on out I need to start paying out of pocket; I could file for an extension, but my husband and I discussed it and decided that not getting further debt would be better than applying for the extension.)  So over the next year I'm going to find creative ways to pay for school.  More on that later.

So just the 2 classes- I'm very excited because I can dedicate more time to individual projects and also have more time in my life to do other things.

LIKE: get my portfolio ready and submitted to officially apply for the Illustration program.  I'm actually really excited about this.  I'm not anticipating getting in this time- I'm mostly applying so that I can re-apply in the fall.  That will give me the summer to truly get my portfolio ready.  It'll be awesome.

I'm also going to be going to comic con this fall- so I'm doing a lot of prep for that.  This year I'm going to put a pay pal button on this blog and my art blog in case anyone would like to donate some money to help me cover expenses- no pressure; but I've had some family offer in the past and figure I might as well put something out there so they can help if they really want to.

So yea- that is what I'm looking forward to :D


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