Thursday, January 1, 2015


I'm back! First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
and if you aren't a friend of mine on facebook- here is the uncut video of my kids celebrating the new year:

 Ok very quick end of 2014 recap:
*I passed all of my classes (YAY!)
*I'm never taking 15 credits at once again...
*I finally got all of our stuff unpacked- now to empty the storage unit....

My life has literally been nothing but school and unpacking/cleaning for a long time... I'm going to try to get some of my other hobbies back into my life again.

I'm going to be trying the 365 challenge again on this blog.  Also on my art blog- but I'm starting that tomorrow with a double post... it's just the way today has worked out.  For this blog I'm going to post *something* every day- more then anything I want to get myself in the habit of doing something daily; last year I think my ambition was to great- I wanted to write these long article posts daily; and that was just silly.  So it might be a quick blurb it might be a short novel- it will depend upon time mostly.
On my art blog I'm going to be posting a sketch a day at the very least. Again the idea is to be doing something every day.  I think this year will be even more awesome then last year!!

I gave this blog a face lift- it really needed it.  If I have time maybe I'll make it look more original and less generic- but at least it's brighter.

Well- I'm getting to this rather late- so I'll see you tomorrow.



  1. It is awesome that you learned what work and what didn't work! And the days that you want to write longer--you could even do it in a few parts and schedule them for the next couple of days :)

  2. Wahoo! I love reading your blog! :D