Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cool Moms

Only 6 days into the new year and I'd already fallen 5 days behind on my blog.  So I played catch up today.  Hopefully I can stay on top of it... for at least the next week anyway :D

So this showed up in my facebook feed today:

and I watched it.

I have to say this was one of the most amazing silly music videos I've ever seen.  The thing I liked the best about it was how different each of the moms was in the video, I loved how each took a turn lip syncing to the song.  This is why:

The video was really honest about each woman's strengths and weaknesses- It was a perfect example to me of what makes all of us unique.  For me I read mom blogs and get to see all of the glowing amazing things about the women that I'm reading about and am just floored.

I'll have all sorts of thoughts running through my head:

"I wish I could make an amazing meal like that... I think we're having marie calendars instant dinner again..."
"she made that outfit for her kids? That is amazing... have I done laundry today?"
"every picture on here makes her family look so well groomed... hmmm... wonder when I last gave my kids a bath."

After awhile of reading through all of these different blogs I start to create this super mom and then impose this image of amazingness over all of my friends, acquaintances and random women that I read about online.  Of course this makes me feel inadequate and a bit resentful to all of the 'perfect' women that I'm surrounded with.  'specially since I'm anything but perfect- and I let my my imperfections wave in the wind for everyone to see.

I'm hate cleaning- but I want a clean home.
I'm hate cooking- but want healthy homemade meals.
I haven't sewn anything in forever (not totally true... but true enough)- but I want to have nice homemade things
The walls in my home are currently unadorned- I have a plan to fix this but haven't gotten to it.
I'm lucky if I get a shower in during the day- and I haven't worn makeup in years...
Every now and then I fight with my kids... (not physically- but we have wars of wills constantly)

It's life- and it is normal.  There are also things I'm really good at.

The women in this video all have different 'cool' things that they do and bring to the table- and if they just compare there weaknesses to the other moms strengths- then yea; you'll never feel like a 'cool mom' but if you can remember there are things that you are good at as well then you can appreciate the strengths in others.


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