Sunday, January 11, 2015

What band or musician is most important to you?

Probably the Moody Blues- I discovered their music when I was 12 or so and quickly became obsessed.  I love the combination of orchestrated and traditional rock band that they use for a lot of their music.  Also just the sheer variety within their music.
When I was 19 and first on my own I had a hard time. Not being away from my family or anything- but I was struggling with my depression and my roommates were very stressful people to live with.  So life was unpleasant.
Then one day out of the blue 3 of my best friends showed up on my doorway- It was really cute.  I was so happy to see them; and they announced that they were taking me to a Moody Blues concert the next day.  It was amazing- I think we were the youngest people there.  I don’t think I have an
found this photo online- it probably wasn't the concert I was at;
but the stage is set up similarly
photos from this event- cameras were still primarily film at the time and I don’t know that any of us thought to bring one… I’ll have to check with them.
They drove me down to Vegas and we got to see the show.  I was in heaven!!! It was really really amazing.  I know I still have the ticket around here somewhere- maybe I can find it and scan it in.
The band has continued to be one of my favorites of all time. 


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